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Group Coaching Programs


This life changing course will transform your relationship with food, health, and wellness.


Group programs are an economical way to receive the encouragement and motivation you need to achieve your health goals.  You not only have the support of your health coach, but of the other like-minded individuals in your group.  Most of all, it's a fun way to share ideas and create positive changes in your life.  


During the twelve 90 minute group sessions, you will experience a remarkable increase in your energy and vitality while discovering what nourishes you based on your unique bio-individuality.  Feel confident and creative in choosing and preparing healthy, seasonal foods.  Begin to understand that cravings and other signals from your body are clues as to how you can eat and live more playfully.  Best of all, you will learn tools to cultivate balance and incorporate play, a form of self-nourishment that often is missing from the priority list.  


The program includes:

      * Personal Wellness Assessment - A private session to review your health and wellness goals at the beginning and          the end of the course.

      * 12 - 90 Minute Group Coaching Calls. Each call has a topic. Calls are managed to include connection and                            inspiration. There are 2 coaching calls per month, every other week. All calls are conducted by phone in a                        conference style. They are recorded and a link will be emailed to you so you can listen when you have time.

         Each call is personalized and participants will be asked to check-in and to participate. You will feel connected                  and supported.  

      * Unlimited email support. 

      * A private Facebook group page to ask questions and to find support, connection, and inspiration from other                      participants. Participation in the group is optional.  

      * Simple, but informative e-handouts, recipes, and food samples that will increase your nutrition knowledge.


If you have been looking for a way to:

      * Change your relationship with food

      * Increase your energy levels

      * Feel great in your body

      * Understand and reduce your cravings

      * Benefit from the support of a group

      * Achieve and maintain your ideal weight

      * Set and accomplish goals in a way that is empowering and exciting

      * Learn about new foods and how you can easily incorporate them

      * Improve your personal relationships

      * Discover the confidence to create the life you want 


THIS is the program for you.  Working together with a health coach proves you with resources and support to help you make sustainable lifestyle changes in order to improve you health and well-being, so you truly are LIVING YOUR BEST HEALTHY LIFE. ♥


There will be TWO groups to choose from:  

Monday at 1PM Eastern, or Monday at 7PM Eastern.


There are TWO options for payment:  

Option 1:  One time payment of $399.00



Option 2:  Monthly payment of $80.00 for six months




**This program is limited in size, but requires a minimum of 6 participants.  If YOU are able to arrange a group of 6-8 individuals I will GIVE you the program FREE, and we will set up a time for your own private group coaching program.  


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