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I've been AWOL from my blog.

So...I created a new website many months back. I didn't have time to go back in and put in all of my old recipes from the old site. You see, I'm a working single Mom, and there is NEVER time to go back and get caught up on things. Magical extra hours of time just never materialize so I could never get back to getting caught up, and I therefore never posted anything else new.

I was in what you could say....a bit of a rut.

I can't exactly promise that I'll be on here more often posting, but it's a goal of mine, for sure. I have some very exciting things going on in my business and life and I want to share. But, those exciting things in my business and life could also prevent me from having the time to blog regularly.

Let me share the good business news. Starting on Tuesday, 6/2/15, I will be working with Metamorphosis Organic Salon and Day Spa in Pittsburgh. I will be offering my health coaching services, but I will also be able to do Reiki treatments. I haven't had the availability to do that in quite some time. If you would like to book a session with me, give them a call: (412) 781-1262.

In my personal life - Jack and I are moving! We are saying goodbye to the Sewickley area and moving over to Hampton Township. Our new apartment will be bigger than the one we currently have, and as far as I can tell, the only missing is an ice-maker. I've hired Jack for the task: $2 a week to keep me in ice. He doesn't understand why that is one of my least all-time favorite jobs even though I have tried to explain that after all the years I spent having tons of ice at my disposal I've deemed myself ABOVE ice making. We'll also have a really nice finished walk-out bright basement (those words are not generally found in the same sentence) that will suffice as 'our' office. We will even have real screens in the windows, so hopefully no more stink bugs in the house. YIPPEE! Oh! And I'll have a real pantry. ♥

So....what else is new?

I am now wearing glasses. I hate them. As soon as humanly possible, I'll be going back to my bifocal contact lenses. How anyone can function with bifocals is beyond me. Nowhere that I look is ever really in focus. Why must I have to move my head around to find the 'sweet spot' on my lenses? I don't have time for this, and I find it totally disorienting.

I'm divorced.

It has been awhile since I posted. I became officially divorced on December 22nd, 2014. I won't go into that now....but that also was taking up a good bit of my time and energy. It also took a good bit of time before I could think about the finality of it without giving myself heart palpitations and insomnia. Not because the relationship was finally over - but because of the legal process.

Oh yes, my hair has grown so long I can now wear a tiny ponytail. Not sure how long this will last.

So...I hope this to be the last of my absences from my page. I have posted fairly regularly on FB, but quick shares were all that I've mustered. I have way too much exciting stuff happening not to share. After all, I'm HERE to make YOUR life the best healthy life it can be!

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