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Who doesn’t like FRIDAY?

I am like every other parent out there on the planet who bribes their kid with food. “Have a good week at school and we’ll have something special for dinner Friday night.” Prior to knowing I was gluten intolerant, getting a request for pizza made me cringe. I could only eat one piece and I always felt like crap afterward. I’ve said this numerous times, but I’ve seen people who would blame that crappy feeling on the innocent tomato sauce. “It’s acid reflux.” Nope – you’re either gluten intolerant, gluten sensitive, or a Celiac.

GONE are the days that I dread hearing pizza, burger, or hotdog requests.

My burger was made out of local humanely raised organic grass-fed beef. It’s a gluten free bun. My tomatoes, lettuce, and onion ALL came from the Farmers’ Market.

The SALAD is to die for. It was so quick and easy to make.

This is a meal you should never feel guilty about serving your family.



Fresh tomatoes - cut however you like!

Fennel - cored and then thinly sliced

Red onion - thinly sliced

Kale - I cut this thinly, and the cross-cut it - and then I wash and spin

Walnuts - chopped


1 TBS. Extra virgin Olive Oil

1 TBS. Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar

Sea Salt and Pepper to taste

Chopped Parsley


I placed all of my salad ingredients in a mixing bowl, poured on the olive oil and vinegar, added a dab of salt and pepper and then tossed it gently.

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