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Veggie Stir Fry!

Being able to throw ingredients together and have something awesome for a final product is a very important skill to have. For most people, including me, it does not just happen overnight. It is an ability that needs to be developed over time. It requires PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE!

One of the secrets to proper stir fry is knowing what items cook faster than other.

Another secret is: DO NOT OVER CROWD YOUR PAN!

For the dish in the left picture I had kale and mushrooms that I’d picked up at the Farmers’ Market. I also had some potatoes. I par-boiled the potatoes until they were fork tender, then I drained them. In coconut oil I sautéed the potatoes with onions. When they were close to the desired level of doneness that I was looking for, I threw in the mushrooms. After cooking them for a few minutes I added in the kale. I seasoned it with sea salt and pepper, and threw in some sesame seeds.

As for the chicken tenders – no store bought tender will do. I sliced a chicken breast into strips. I put gluten free panko and sesame seeds in a plastic bag, and then shook my chicken to coat. I cooked the chicken with just a touch of coconut oil. THESE WERE NOT SUBMERGED in oil. I put just enough coconut oil in the pan to coat the bottom and that was it. No extra.

For the dish in the right picture I still had kale and mushrooms left. I also had a yellow squash to use. This was a combination of yellow squash, onions, yellow bell pepper, mushrooms, kale, with a splash of lemon juice, sea salt and pepper, and oregano. I added the veggies to my sauté pan in the order listed, and sautéed with coconut oil.

The fish is Mahi-mahi that I seasoned with sea salt, pepper, and oregano.

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