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Lock in 2018 Prices Now! 

10 Sessions - 15% Discount

TEN 60 Minute Sessions, regularly priced at $75/session or $750

Buy Now for $637




TEN 90 Minute Sessions, regularly prices at $110/session or $1100

Buy Now for $935


24 Sessions - 18% Discount

Enjoy Bi-Weekly Massages through all of 2018

TWENTY-FOUR 60 Minute Sessions, (regular price:$1800)

Buy Now for $1476


TWENTY-FOUR 90 Minute Sessions, (regular price: $2640)

Buy Now for $2165


48 Sessions - 20% Discount BEST BUY

Enjoy Weekly Massages ALL YEAR LONG!

FORTY-EIGHT 60 Minute Sessions (regular price: $3600)

Buy Now for $2880


FORTY-EIGHT 90 Minute Session (regular price: $5280)

Buy Now for $4224


Health Coach Discovery Consult:  90 Minutes

Your Discovery Consult would be jam-packed.  We will focus time and energy on your past, present, and future health goals.  We work together to create a plan and you'll leave with some solid suggestions that you can put into place right away.  Additionally, with EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), we'll examine any potential roadblocks that might stand in your way and address those too. 

Regular price - $110

Buy Now for $85

Save $25

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