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The Gift of Giving

I have been a single parent for most of my children's lives.  There are many things I could say about the difficulties one faces as a single parent but one that really stands out is that I have never been able to give my kids a "WOW" Christmas due to strained finances, let alone anyone else.  I used to say I wanted to be the "Mean Mommy"; the one that said NO just because I felt like it, and not because I simply could not afford what was being requested.  

Yes, I know Christmas is not all about gifts, expensive or otherwise - and thankfully my kids have an appreciation for quality time spent together and a good old-fashioned game of monopoly and good food.  But, needless to say, this time of year has always been a little painful. 


Getting a massage as a gift is a wonderful present.  I'd go so far as to say that even a 'bad' massage is still amazing.  To take that time to release your worries and stresses and treat your body to an indulgence is so renewing.  While I may be new as a massage therapist - I give anything but a 'bad' massage!  ♥ 

I promise to do my best to pamper and provide therapy to your special someone. 

My gift to you is to ensure that no matter what your income bracket, you CAN give a truly amazing gift to those special people in your life.  

I am offering a personalized 90 minute massage at HALF-PRICE off the 2018 cost of $110.  From now until December 31st - you can gift these massages to anyone for $55!  

Have the merriest of Holidays.  Be safe.  Be happy.  Be healthy.  

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