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For years I've watched many of my peers have side businesses, whether it's essential oils, whole food supplements, or organic skin care lines.  I've always known that I would eventually add in a supplemental stream of income too, it just needed to be the right thing for me, and it needed to WOW me. 

Enter CBD oil and HempWorx!

CBD Oil & Hemp | Living Your Best Healthy Life

CBD oil came onto my radar this summer.  Despite all of the dietary work that goes into every meal every day, EFT, meditation, exercise, therapy, a bazillion supplements, and even extensive genetic research and nutrigenomic protocols, my son and I still suffered with anxiety, depression, PTSD, ADHD, and insomnia.  Granted, it was minimized with all of the above - but these things still affected our daily quality of life.  Nothing I've done to date has allowed me to fix this at the source and I'm not about to take RX for treatment. 

The way I saw it, we could continue suffering while I continued research and trial and error, or, I could try CBD oil.  Much to my wildest dreams, CBD oil has impacted every problematic symptom we've had in a profoundly positive way. 

Naturally, I did what every health coach/caring individual does when they learn of something so beneficial - they tell others.  

I referred people to the sources of CBD oil I was experimenting with and everyone who gave it a try came back with like positive reviews and life-changing stories.  These people had some similar issues as us, but most had diverse symptomatology that needed to be addressed and CBD oil managed to handle and/or improve on wide-ranging medical conditions. 

This is where the idea of CBD oil as a business FOR ME started to grow.  The final kicker came when I worked on a massage client.  She presented with PTSD, and her body was rigid on my table - she had a very hard time relaxing.  I shared my CBD oil experience with her and shared where I purchased ours from at the time.

On our immediate next session she came in glowing.  She shared that she had not needed to use her Xanax for the three previous days.  Her results were as I expected they would be - no surprise there.  The big WOW moment came though when I started working on her body.  Not only did she say she was relaxed and more at peace - her body and muscles shared that notion - she practically melted on the table.  I could FEEL the profound difference this made for her.  And it was incredible, a night and day difference.  Let's just say there can be a big difference between subjective findings and objective findings!  

After doing research, I opted to go with HempWorx.  Proof needed to be in the product itself.  I'm happy to report that not only does it exceed my expectations on the way it is grown and made, it out performed all of other CBD oils we've used to date (Charlottes Web, Aromaland, ResultsRNA) - furthermore, it's been less expensive as well and we use less. WIN!

I'm sold. 

So, if like me, you are looking to minimize some aggravating symptoms you cannot get under control despite best efforts - OR - you want to add in an additional income stream I'd suggest giving this a glance.  This has truly been the most complete, easiest, beneficial addition we have made to our daily lives that has offered maximum improvement and promise. 

If you are interested in the products CLICK HERE.

If you are interested in the business opportunity CLICK HERE.

Thanks for reading!  Anna  ♥

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