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This page is dedicated to ways that we can communicate with each other.  If you're interested in a Health Consultation, please fill out the form.  If you need access to forms you will find those here as well.  





Schedule a one-on-one, 50-minute health consultation.


Simply CLICK RIGHT HERE TO SIGN UP, and I will be in touch shortly.



If you have already scheduled a consultation or are an existing client, click the following links to fill out your Health History or Revisit Form.


Revisit Form


Women's Health History


Men's Health History

The following are a list of my most popular workshop topics:


Beat the Sugar Blues                        Eating for Energy                                The Importance of Probiotics            Detox Your Hygiene Routine


The Super Workshop                        10 Ways to Nourish Yourself             Wellness at Work                                Eat Well, Be Well


Express Detox                                    Green Smoothie Class                        Hotel Health                                        Decoding Ingredient Lists


Bitter Sweet






One of the best ways to get information out there is by conducting workshops.  If you would like to arrange for me to come speak to your group or company, please contact me.  


In addition, on occasion, I will hold virtual tele-seminars where this information is shared.  The BEST way to keep up with these is by signing up for our newsletter or by LIKING me on Facebook.  





If you would like to receive our newsletter, please click HERE to be taken to a sign-up form.  Don't worry, I spend more time posting current info and goings-on on our Facebook page than I do in my newsletter so I promise you will not be bombarded with emails.  ♥

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