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Exercise with Coach Anna


It's a big word, and not enough of us are doing it - me included. How many of you WANT to exercise, you just never get started? I have often heard; it's the start that stops you.

Many of my clients like having me as their "accountability partner". In other words, I text them or they text me in order to exercise everyday. I"m willing to do whatever it takes to get them moving. Same thing goes for you! I love my audience, and I want you to Live Your Best Healthy Life.

It takes more though than eating some nutritious food to achieve that goal.

What I am offering up here, for FREE, is a one-day-at-a-time exercise coaching plan, that will start you off with serious baby-steps and instructional videos on how to get moving, for about the next 60 days, gradually increasing repetition and difficulty until you can manage on your own.

It is as simple as signing up for the emails, then opening them up daily, and doing the exercises in the plan for that day. No equipment will be necessary. Really, it's that simple. This will be some body work, combined with some cardio. You will also have days off! Just like a job. Taking care of your body should be Job #1. We're often too busy to think of ourselves first though - but I want you to change that mindset.

I've had a gym membership for years that I do not use. I DO workout at home though. Taking time away from Jack, my business, etc., has never been an option for me, as those things are 'the priority' in my mind. But you see, by making the time to do THIS type of activity, I'm almost guaranteeing myself to have the energy for those other things. Expending energy to exercise CREATES energy for other things! Pretty cool how that works, huh?

So, what do you say? Want to give it a try? Want to start exercising with me daily? Will you let me be your accountability partner?

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