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So Many Changes - So Little Time

Anna Bass, Licensed Massage Therapist | Living Your Best Healthy Life

For those of you who remember signing up for my newsletter - I promised I wouldn't inundate you with a ton of emails. Well, I'm true to my word! This has got to be my first newsletter since...I'm ashamed to say but will admit it's been well over a year.

I could say this is just another way of me walking my talk on my quest to living my best healthy life because at the ripe old age of 54, I've learned to not take on more than I can handle - and getting a newsletter out has been a little low on the priority list.

Since my last newsletter there have been many changes, but they have all been good - just time consuming.

To begin catching you up to date - I'm now a Licensed Massage Therapist! Back in the summer of 2016 I decided I needed another tool in the tool belt and within a few weeks of this realization found myself attending the Pittsburgh School of Massage Therapy. Going back to school at 52, while working, and being a single parent was no easy feat - but I loved every minute of the experience. I loved my classmates, teachers, the material, environment, and learning something where the people I try to help can get immediate relief. Hands-on facilitation of healing is amazing, energizing, rewarding, and I cannot believe it took me so long to take this step. My only regret is that I didn't do it sooner and I feel I have little time to waste in continuing my education especially entering a field where I may potentially have a shorter shelf-life than my LMT peers.

Prior to licensing I had two jobs lined up - but those unexpected Universal forces were busy at work when on the very day my license was approved I received a call from a therapist I had connected with while in school who had broken her hip and needed immediate help. At the time of the call I wasn't yet licensed and pointed LMT Kim Baurele in the direction of where she might find help only to get texted a screen shot of my approved license immediately after hanging up the call. I have spent the last six months happily doing my best to take care of Kims' clients while she recovered from a nasty break and surgery, I'm happy to report that Kim is almost as good as new.

Shortly after starting my work for Kim, I saw openings in my schedule that allowed me to pick up one of the jobs I'd set up for after graduation, and I've been working and learning many new things at Graham Park Massage, 128 Graham Park Drive in Cranberry Township, under the direction of Wen Vaughn. I work at GPM on Mondays and Wednesdays, and pick up hours other days when I have gaps in my schedule.

Additionally, I had approached my local PPG location about securing a weekly chair massage gig - but was referred to the PPG plant in Springdale. I've been giving chair massages at that location now for about a month and I really enjoy the shift in the work that I'm doing and the people & environment.

With the inevitable recovery of Kim, I needed to go back out and secure a spot for when Kim was able to fully take back her practice. As luck would have it, I connected with Julia Schandelmeier, a rock-star in the local massage world, about working with her as my teacher/coach/mentor. Julia was to teach a class mid-march on Lymphatic drainage that I wanted to attend but couldn't - and when I reached out to her I found out that she works at the same location I was slated to work at immediately after graduation. Remember, there were TWO jobs I had lined up. I'm thrilled and excited to announce that starting around the week of May 7th, I can also be found at Way Wellness Center, currently at 1150 Freeport Road, (Fox Chapel) Pittsburgh, 15238. I cannot wait to be a part of the wonderful team that Daniel Johnson has assembled - and hope I can pass muster.

For scheduling purposes I can be found in Cranberry at Graham Park Massage on Monday and Wednesdays. I will be at Way Wellness on Tuesday and Saturdays, in Fox Chapel.

I wish I had the words to succinctly sum up what this new adventure has been like for me and Jack - but I guess the best thing to share is that I am happy. There have been so many people who have helped make this a reality - specifically my family. I've loved working with Kims' clients - and hope to one day work with her again in some capacity. She's set a terrific example and is fortunate to have a client-base of truly amazing people. Big shout out to Jack - because adapting to a schedule that changes everyday has been a big accomplishment in and of itself.

Hope to see you on my table soon!

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