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In some of my coach-to-coach lectures, we hear a lot of encouragement to "tell our story". Once someone can identify with you, they'll be more likely to want to work with you. I thought saying things like, "I've found my personal fountain of youth" would be sufficient. While this has grabbed the attention of some, I know there are still so many more people out there in need of my help.

When I thought about my story and how I came to be where I am, I thought a lot of it could be summed up by saying I'm BIG on DIY. I saw DIY for years before I figured out it meant 'Do-It-Yourself'. ♥ I love learning and tackling new projects. I did a good portion of my home renovations myself. As an example, I wanted my patio acid stained around my pool deck. I read as much as I could and interviewed people in the know. Finally, I spent some money for my materials and wound up with a professional looking pool deck. I saved myself a ton of money by doing this AND I have the self-satisfaction of knowing I DID IT MYSELF!

So how does this all tie into health care you ask?

Have you ever been in the midst of a health crisis on a weekend and none of your practitioners were available to rescue you?

That's an over-simplification of it, but it should give you the gist. I got tired of needing people to make me feel better. What's worse is that many times in my allopathic pursuits; my solutions to feeling bad were short lived. The symptoms were addressed, but never the cause.

If you've been around the block a time or two, you've probably heard that NO ONE ELSE can make you happy but you, right? I came to the conclusion that NO ONE ELSE could be responsible for my health, but me. In other words: DIY.

But how? If a person or people with years of education and experience in various medical field positions couldn't offer me long-standing sustainable health how could I figure it out? I did research. I experimented. It was trial and error. It took quite awhile to figure it out. It's not as simple as just adding in some fruits, vegetables, and whole grains either - or - eating only organic foods. Remember, part of the solution is identifying the cause.

That brings me to why I do what I do: I'm looking for the DIYer out there who wants some guidance on getting well and sustaining it. While I could write out a blueprint of the steps I've taken, my personal program is suited to ME. Just like there is no ONE DIET that suits all - there is no ONE WELLNESS program that will suit all either. And - there are NO overnight cures. But by working with the guidance of a health coach you can 1) save yourself some money, and 2) not waste as much time by trying to navigate the process alone.

So, if you're ready to tackle the biggest and most important DIY project of all: Living Your Best Healthy Life, contact me - because I have ALL the tools!


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