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Kale, Craisin & Walnut Salad | Living Your Best Healthy Life

This is a favorite of mine. But then again, I love Kale.

I didn't always love it though - I think it's important for you to know that. But an odd thing happened the more I ate it. Kale is loaded with chlorophyll, which is really good for you, in case you didn't know. When I am cutting it up, the chlorophyll smell always wafts up and makes my mouth water. There is no other food ingredient I use that produces this reaction in me. Personally, I choose to take this as a sign from my body that it wants the KALE! So I feed it kale regularly.


Kale! If you look at this picture closely, you should see the kale is chopped up finely. I layer or bunch several leaves together, then chop it as fine as I can, and then I cross chop it. And into the salad spinner it goes for a good wash and spin.

Craisins - depends on how big a salad you're making -

Walnuts - chopped

Red onion - slivered

Parmesan cheese - just a touch!


7 TBS Balsamic - white is prettier on this

1 TBS Honey

1 TBS Rice Wine Vinegar

1 TBS Olive Oil

Salt and Pepper to taste


Prep your kale and throw it into a salad or mixing bowl

Add in your craisins, walnuts, and onions

Prepare your dressing by simple mixing in the ingredients and stirring well.

Add to the greens and toss well. This can sit for a few minutes to soften the kale.

Just prior to serving, toss in the parmesan cheese. I prefer shaved for this dish, but didn't have any, so I opted for grated. I used a minimal amount.

On the backside of this dish, you'll see I added in a little leftover roast chicken as we do animal protein here. this is a great side salad, or, it could easily be a main dish, as we've enjoyed here.

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