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I get asked pretty frequently about portion control - and counting calories. I never count calories. Ever. 100 calories of spinach and 100 calories of ice cream might on a caloric basis be the same, the metabolic effect is quite different. I find it not worthy of my time or brain-power to count calories. I do however take portion control pretty seriously.

The plate picture you see here is pretty typical of how I construct my plates on a very regular basis. The salad, as you can see, is taking up MOST of the plate. This is a standard size dinner plate. The protein could fit in the palm of my hand. Take NOTE: There are no carbs anywhere to be seen. Nor do I have a basket of bread somewhere outside of the picture. This is a great example of proper food combining.

If my plate didn't have a massive salad on it, chances are that space would be filled up with vegetables of varying kinds. Growing up, our dinner table usually had at least 4 vegetables sides that got passed around the table. Dinner time discussion was pretty much limited to, "This is great, Mom". Or, "Would someone please pass the _____".

I would LOVE to see some of your dinner plates. POST SOME! ♥

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