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Every weekend my son asks for the same thing: a 'special' breakfast. If you're a SWEET lover and have gone gluten free, you know this can be a PITA (Pain In The Ass) request. Thankfully, with a few exceptions, I prefer a savory breakfast to a sweet one.

One of those exceptions would be the French Toast at Tempo Restaurant in Alexandria, VA. You can find Tempo on Duke Street. If you go, tell them Anna sent you. ♥ Tempo runs a Sunday Brunch menu, and a signature dish is the French Toast. It's the bomb. I worked at this upscale neighborhood restaurant twice actually. Every Sunday was the same thing. When Brunch was over, IF there was any batter left over, Wendy Albert, the owner/Chef would make us all French Toast. I lived for the Sunday French Toast. Literally, if a newbie came in to the restaurant, NONE OF US would share how great the French Toast was because we wanted to make sure that WE got some.

Bet you didn't know professionalism goes out the window when you're talking about good food.

Speaking of Tempo, another dish, which is my ALL TIME favorite food - Capellini Imperiale. Even if it is not on the specials menu they can always make it. It is angel hair pasta, tossed in the lightest most delicate cream sauce, with chunks of lump crab meat, asparagus, and then gratineed. It is heavenly.

So, back to breakfast.

I love eggs, and no matter what anyone tells you - they ARE good for you. We need certain fats in our diet. It's best to choose organic free range eggs when making your selections - but ditch the notion that should steer clear of eggs. I think one of the reasons Alzheimer's is on the rise is due to the wasted time we have spent thinking ALL fats were bad for us. Brains are 60% fat.

This dish is comprised of stone ground grits, to which I added: broccoli, red pepper, onion, and bacon. I poached a couple of eggs, and then garnished the dish with chopped tomato and avocado. It could be spiced up a bit with cayenne, or chipotle chili powder, if desired. You could easily go without the bacon. If you really wanted the gut-bomb effect - you could add in some cheese.

I did not cook the broccoli IN the grits. I had a pot of water going (boiling) in preparation to poach my eggs. While my grits were cooking, I placed the broccoli pieces in a mesh strainer, along with the diced red pepper and onion, and submerged it in the boiling water, just for a few minutes to take the bite out of the broccoli - and then mixed it into the grits when they were ready.

Jack was happy - and I am too - as now I do not have to also fix lunch today.

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