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Seared Napa Cabbage w/Sausage and a Mustard Vinaigrette | Living Your Best Healthy Life

This was a really tasty twist on an old standard. I was browsing when I came across the recipe, but, I switched it up a little bit from their version. What can I say - theirs didn't include onions. Cabbage and onions go hand-in-hand to me.


1 Napa Cabbage

Sausages - I selected some gluten free chicken sausages for us

1/2 Red Onion

Coconut Oil

For the Vinaigrette:

3 TBS. Olive oil

1 TBS. Dijon mustard

1 TBS. White Wine Vinegar

1 TBS. Water

Salt and Pepper

For the Mashed Potatoes:

Red Bliss Potatoes - cut into uniform size pieces


White Pepper


Milk - I used Almond Milk


I started off by getting my potatoes going in some salted boiling water. Cook them until they are fork tender. Drain. Add in butter, salt, white pepper, then using a mash using whatever tool you like, mixer, masher, etc. Add in milk to get to the desired consistency. Keep warm.

Once I got the potatoes going, I started on my cabbage. I used a small head of Napa Cabbage. Tear off the outer leaves. I cut it in half, then quartered it, then cut each quarter in half so I wound up with 8 wedges. I left the stem intact.

In a very large saute pan, heated on med-high, using coconut oil, place each 1/8 wedge of cabbage in to sear. You will only turn this once, and it should get brown on each side. After my cabbage had been cooking for a few minutes, I added in my cut up red onion. I also cut this up similar to the cabbage in wedges. I also added in my cut sausages.

When the cabbage was nice and seared on one side, I turned it as well as stirred the sausages and onions.

While the potatoes were boiling and the cabbage was cooking, I whipped up the vinaigrette. Very simple to just put the ingredients in a bowl and blend to combine.

Plate presentation has never been my thing! ♥ My food tastes great, but it doesn't always look beautiful. Not likely you'll ever see a cake on my website. But once you put the cabbage and sausages on your plate, drizzle a little of the mustard vinaigrette over and enjoy.

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